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Not having the courage to end a relationship properly or say thanks but no thanks after a brief fling, says one of two things - you're a coward and are scared that your date/girlfriend/f**k buddy is going lose it, post s**t through your front door and carve w***ker with a key into the side of your car, or you're just an a-hole supreme.

(NB: that car-keying thing - yep, she's going to do that anyway).

He was so embarrassed that he apologized repeatedly.

All was forgiven, but now he knows not to text me past 9 p.m.!

We had known for a while that we wanted to get married and felt in our hearts that we had found a soul mate in each other.

However, we wanted to make sure that the timing was right before making the next big decision for our lives.

Ghosting, as it's been coined by the media in recent weeks, is, apparently, the 'new break-up', and despite everyone being constantly present on social media, the online over-exposure seems to have works in reverse in 'real life' - allowing people to be upfront and confident from behind a screen but s**t scared to have a conversation in real life.

David was my first boyfriend and I was his first girlfriend, which meant that we got to learn everything about dating, together.

Of course there have been challenges along the way, but we have grown and matured so much and our relationship has just gone from strength to strength as we learn more about each other and how to love each other better.

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