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(Bachelorette: Jillian.) Alas, the feeling isn't mutual.- Michelle (Bachelor: Jake) looks at Wes and says she wants to "cut his thing off." PHOTOS: Bachelor stars' scandalous pasts Instead of a drawn-out cocktail party, the contestants get to shmooze by the pool. The winner of each competition gets a rose and he/she gets to pick three people to go on a date with. (The guys way outnumber the girls for now, but eventually, Chris promises the numbers will even out.) Got that?During this date, the winner will hand out one more safe-from-the-vote rose. No obstacle-running-blindfolded-in-the-mud here; the competition is but a game of Twister. Nothing like the sight of hard-bodied men and women trying to get their foot to the red dot to get the hormones raging.I took a peek at his pictures, I read a little bit of his profile, I made sure he met my height requirement, age requirement, etc., and then I sent him a message back: “Let’s meet up!Just tell me when and where, and I’ll be there.” When I met up with Joshua at a trendy little bar in Santa Monica I had no expectations.At the end of each of the six - two hour episodes, some of the contestants are evicted from the Bachelor Pad.The competitions afford each of them an opportunity to win immunity from eviction that week and win a "get-away" with other contestants of their choosing.When I got a message from someone who seemed interesting, I immediately set up a time to meet. Toward the end of my 6-month subscription, I got a message from a guy that read, “In case you missed the first one”.The note jumped out at me because I had, in fact, missed the first message.

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After On the Wings of Love, Pavelka competed in the tenth season of Dancing with the Stars, partnered with Chelsie Hightower and finishing in 7th place.

In fact, it was their Bach-y buds who clued us into the happy news that this couple has taken it to the next step! You never know where or when love is going to find you, but congrats to Ty and Elizabeth on being the latest Bachelor/ette “success” story.

, "Mazel tov to @Tybrownmusic and @elizabethkitt22 much love to u both and lookin forward to celebrating." A fan replied, "ty and elizabeth are dating? May the rest of your life together be one long trip to the fantasy suite.

Of course, the main attractions of the show are the inevitable hookups and the drama between those contestants that despise each other.

Hopefully some of the contestants will find the everlasting love that they were denied before but there is definitely a healthy mix of all emotions including love, hate, jealousy, happiness, sadness, and even maybe fear in the Bachelor Pad!

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