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The Nostalgia Critic: Your heart belongs to another? In more borderline cases, this can happen even when the two characters shown interest in each other, in some form or another; it's the placement, pacing and timing that are off.

More than likely, you were optimistic and believed that your marriage would be a happy one.

And in the early days of your married life you probably looked at couples with struggling marriages and thought, “ you adjust your expectations accordingly.

Conflict will happen, and that’s okay, you handle conflict in a loving, mature way.

Planning for your future is a great thing to do as a couple; just understand that things don’t arrive on schedule – not babies, not raises, not the sitter!

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My kids have been throwing some pretty tough questions at me lately – along the lines of “Who created God? ” And while I will admit to doing my fair share of …

Sadly, the case is often the opposite - the romance the important thing, and, in spite of that, the author just didn't figure the "how it comes to happen" part was very important.

The subsequent lack of "volume" in the Romance Arc, in turn, begs for compensation: having characters fall for each other out of nowhere can make any romance come across as a Token Romance, and hence what often happens is that the writers start firing every possible drama cannon so as to impress upon the viewers that .

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