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Illinois law covers a wide range of Internet sex offenses, including: However you come to be charged with using the Internet for sex crimes, you are immediately cast as a predator at best, a pedophile at worst; the kind of criminal that judges and juries don’t like, especially if it involves the intentional enticing of a minor.

In Illinois, sex offenders are banned from using social network sites and new laws mean retroactive registration for some sex offenders.

Trent today reminded adolescents, parents, and consumers of the dangers associated with using the internet during the holiday season.

In addition to updating his or her registration, if a registered sex offender changes employment to a municipality or county, other than the municipality or county of primary registration, he or she shall, within 3 days of the change in employment, report and provide information on his or her place of employment to the appropriate law enforcement agency where the employment is located.

LRB099 0018 b A BILL FOR SB0031 LRB099 0018 b 1 AN ACT concerning criminal law.

“More people are shopping online so the possibility of someone stealing their identity increases.

Also, kids are off school and spend more time talking to their friends online.

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