Dating a former cheater

Wes and Samantha: I found out my boyfriend cheated on his last girlfriend. Is it true that once a guy is a cheat he’s always a cheat? Samantha: I think the phrase “once a cheat, always a cheat” oversimplifies the situation.

Every situation is unique, and you need more information before you make any decisions.

Be sure you aren't doing this - it is not fair to either of you.

To be completely objective, sometimes the parameters of a relationship are not clear, and it results in someone getting hurt.

Think of Ross on “Friends” pleading, “We were on a break!

” This doesn’t happen often, and if your potential partner has one of these in their past, then they should probably get a pass.

Celebrities' scandalous pasts are smeared across the tabloids, and yet, their love lives continue to thrive. Many of us encounter some degree of unfaithfulness in our relationships.Clarify where he's coming from If he's being honest about his past and offering the steps he's taking to not fall in the same trap, it's a good sign he's open and that he'll be honest with you in this relationship.That said, if he's simply stating the fact that he cheated in the past, it can also be a head's up like, "This is who I am, I'm a cheater." Listen to what he's trying to tell you.3. Make sure that his history is something that can be discussed openly.If he completely puts up a wall, that's a sign the relationship might not be safe to invest in. Also think about whether he gives any signs he would do it again, like goes out and doesn't reply in his texts, goes on suspicious trips, flirts with other girls etc.

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