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Their first show was in Harare, Zimbabwe, on Friday and they start the South African leg of their tour in Durban tonight. “I really have no idea how big the support is,” he told City Press from Harare. The song Breathe Again from her debut offering was one of the global hits, among other tracks on the album.

“Visiting South Africa is an opportunity to see what the country knows and to prove that music is a universal language we can all understand,” said Edmonds.

Your baby face will make every single bouncer and bartender wonder if you're just some kid trying to get her drink on.

I'll most likely be carded at my 40th birthday celebration.

Other vocalists, like Tevin Campbell, Boyz II Men, Bobby Brown, Brandy and more, took the stage to perform some of his legendary hits.

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This particular situation was funny and endearing, but having a baby face isn't always what it's cut out to be.Rugged and mature with chiseled traits, high cheekbones and perfectly honed five-o’clock shadows, men like him excel simply because they happened upon a winning ticket in the genetic lottery. That is, what about guys that aren’t endowed with those perfectly mature facial qualities that add up to the dandy wildman?We’re talking about the weak-chinned many, the hairless horde, the vast assemblage of everyday men who face the world every single day with visages that don’t scream, “Sure, I can chop down your tree, no problem.” The Pete Campbell’s of the world, if you will.Helena and has been remembered ever since as “the guy with the complex.” So they’re probably not the best examples of success stories. In the world of social psychology, there’s something called the “babyface overgeneralization effect” and at its crux, it’s exactly what you’d think: guys with more child-like features are treated more like children, at least compared to mature-faced folk of the same age.This effect is the reason that unfortunately, according to a comprehensive study published in the , those with babyfaces are often seen as “naïve, submissive, [and] weak”, and so are more likely to be “passed over for mentally challenging tasks and leadership positions.” Which sucks, obviously, since we know that you’re totally competent, regardless of what your doughy cheeks are telling the world.

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